TPM Focus, LLC is a multidisciplinary business strategy consulting firm advising owners of startups and small businesses. We are the trusted source that helps companies startup and small businesses grow their operations using our innovative business strategies. We step in as, what we call, the ‘Interim COO’, assisting with the overall business strategy that connects marketing, sales, technology, and finances.  Although our role is temporary, the impact is lasting and companies select us whenever they need structure, specialized skill sets, and an objective, new way of thinking and operating.  Think of it as having a Chief Operating Officer and expert team that steps in when you need them most. That’s us!   

We have 100+ years of executive experience in corporate industries so we combine the corporate knowledge and strategies with the scrappiness and innovation of the lean startup methodology to create the perfect collaboration with our clients.  We are proponents and practitioners of design thinking, agile methodologies, lean innovation, as well as Blue Ocean strategies in regards to starting, building, and growing businesses and these philosophies serve as the foundation for the innovative business strategies we produce for clients.  

How You Benefit

There’s a significant impact on your business when you work with us because you’ll have access to deeper levels of expertise than you could afford to have on staff as full-time employees.  The best part is that you can access our business strategy consulting services only when you need them and not incur the ongoing expense of having an expert(s) in-house on your payroll.  Our services include step-by-step direction on business marketing, sales, technology, and finances and tying it all together with a strategy that assures you reach your fiscal goals.  Imagine having marketing, sales, technology, finance, and strategy experts on your payroll full-time.  For most small businesses the expense would be financially inconceivable to maintain year-round.  It’s okay, you don’t need to.  You can count on us when you need us.

Why Would You Work With Us?

Well, because we’re experts in what we do, just as you are an expert in what you do.  And as you know, when you love what you do and you’re good at it, things get done efficiently and correctly, all while having an unmatched enthusiasm that serves others with the highest quality service you can provide.   Furthermore, there’s exponential power in bringing two (or more) knowledgeable brains together with a mutual focus, commitment, and goal to position your business for sustainable, long-term success.  And finally, it’s not expected that you need to know everything to run a company.  You don’t.  However, you need to know when you’re at your limits and need outside help. The next step is making the decision to be transparent, lay out your business challenges, and trust us as your business advisors to use our expertise and network to help you.

Every entrepreneur and company is different, so we customize our business consulting service to focus on what’s actionable and relevant to you and your business at its current stage.  Our focus is on your business.  When you succeed, we succeed.

Our Areas of Expertise and Strategic Business Consulting Includes:

  • Technology / Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Procurement / Strategic Sourcing
  • Finance
  • Real Estate / Facilities

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Strategic Business Consulting Tailored to You

Are you a startup founder? Need business advice?  We’d love to help you bring your new idea to the market and prepare to pitch investors to raise money for your venture.  We follow a proven, strategic approach that will help you on your journey while saving you time, money, and frustration.  Our objective is to help entrepreneurs define, create, test, and launch their new product or service in a highly flexible and iterative manner.  The process is lean, strategic, and data-driven to assure your offering is a reflection of the voice of the target customer with an actual solution to their specific problem that they are willing to pay for.  And small business owners are not exempt–the same tactics are necessary to grow and scale your business.  In fact, many of the new technologies created by startup companies are the keys to your future success.

The way to start and operate a business has drastically transformed in the past 5 years and will continue to change into the future.  Experienced entrepreneurs have found that they have to learn an entirely new way of doing things to remain relevant and sustain their business.  This means that new entrepreneurs have the advantage of starting with a clean slate and building their businesses with the latest innovative strategies and tools.  It is with this understanding of the different perspectives, we are able to help both new and experienced entrepreneurs position their businesses to succeed in today’s economy.  The traditional ways of doing things are being replaced with innovative tools, tactics, and strategies.  These innovations will help you scale your business while cutting costs.

TPM Focus, LLC was founded and is currently led by a business innovation leader– Monique Mills, MBA, PMP, a degreed electrical engineer, certified PMP (Project Management Professional), tech startup founder, and licensed Realtor(R).  For further information, please visit

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