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Whether you are challenged with differentiating from your competitors, identifying strategic partnerships for your business, defining your growth strategy, marketing strategy, pricing strategy, or sales strategy, we can help reach your goals.  We will provide you with experienced, high-level thinking and real-world recommendations. We combine our experience in corporate environments and tech startups to offer a unique, fresh approach with both proven structure and startup ‘scrappiness’, to innovation. We are proponents and practitioners of design thinking, agile methodologies, lean innovation, as well as Blue Ocean strategies and these philosophies serve as the foundation for the work we engender for clients.

Here’s our approach:

  • We study to understand your company’s mission, strategic plan, culture, employees, and uniqueness
  • We focus in on your unique business challenges and stated goals
  • We analyze the chasm between your current state and desired state
  • We define the constraints, challenges, and risks to reach the desired state
  • We use innovative strategies and frameworks to brainstorm potential solutions to achieve desired results
  • We develop plans to avoid, manage, mitigate, limit, or eliminate impediments to progress
  • We present solutions that address actions that synchronize the strategy with finances, technology, marketing, and sales for the business

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“As a management consulting firm that provides guaranteed confidentiality for all of our behind-the-scenes services, we rarely get the opportunity to get public testimonials.  Privacy is an important aspect of our work as we are typically called upon during a company’s most challenging times.  However, we’re honored that several clients were willing to share their experiences publicly on social media.  While I am personally mentioned many times in our testimonials, I certainly can’t take all the credit.  We have an amazing team.”

Monique Mills

CEO, TPM Focus

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