New tech tools are introduced into the marketplace daily. Some are helpful while others are just “nice to have” or simply entertaining.  Our source for keeping up to date on the latest and greatest products is Product Hunt.  There’s literally thousands of products there and it can be overwhelming for busy entrepreneurs, so we help you select the best technologies to meet your business needs.  We’ve used many of the tools on the market and we’ve decided to share our top recommended tech tools for startups and small businesses with you.

Here’s the list, some of which we use at TPM Focus and/or are big fans of them for startups and small businesses.  We are affiliates for some of the companies listed which means when you click a link, we may receive a commission.

WP Engine is the way to go if you have a WordPress website.  The scalability and security of their service is unmatched.  Click the link below to receive 20% off of your service.

G Suite is all you need to do your best work, together in one package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet.  It’s pretty awesome to have all your work synced across all your devices.  Even better is you’ll be able to set up your professional email service, using your own domain name.  There’s no excuse not to look like a ‘Pro’ with the G Suite service.  This is a necessity for every entrepreneur.

If you are in business today, you must be active on social media to keep your business connected and engaged with your customers and attract potential new customers. Buffer is a social media management app that we use because it’s simple, easy to set up, and enables you to manage multiple accounts at once.  You can schedule your posts in advance using their handy calendar system and 1-2-3, you’re done!  Social media management has never been easier.

Trello is a project management tool that helps you organize and prioritize all your projects.  You can collaborate with all teammates in a fun, flexible, interactive way.  Once you begin using it, you won’t remember how you ever did anything without it!  It’s great for both personal and work tasks.  Give it a try—it’s free!

Ontrapages is the “it” tool for creating landing pages, in under 5 minutes, for your business.  It’s incredibly easy to use, with great templates, and a free version.  In case you didn’t know, landing pages are absolutely necessary when you are setting up your sales funnel and running marketing campaigns, especially Facebook ads.  When your ad sends someone to the homepage of your website, they get lost and then—they leave.  Instead, you’ll want to send your prospective customers to a landing page that is consistent with your ad, your brand, and incites action.  Ontrapages is the easy way to do it.

Ontraport is the “cadillac” version of Ontrapages…offering full automation for your business.  Your CRM, marketing, emails, tracking, and sales–completely automated.  CRM is the acronym for customer relationship manager.  This is how you store all of your contacts and customers and all relative information about their interaction with your business.  Gone are the days for remembering everyone’s name, birthday, and the favorite products they like to buy.  Now it’s all automated!  Ontraport is used to maintain communication with them and nurture their relationship with you by automating messages, sales, and more.  It’s an incredible product that will transform your life, allowing you to get more done in a day while keeping customers happy, costs down, and revenues increasing.

Thinkific is the all-in-one platform for entrepreneurs to create, market and sell your own online courses.  Everyone has knowledge on topics that others would pay to learn and the most scaleable way to share knowledge these days is through online courses.  Thinkific enables you to host your courses for free, and once someone purchases a course, a minimal fee is charged.  Of course, Thinkific offers paid options with advanced features as well.  You can build a course in minutes, with virtually any type of content and multimedia options:  video, PDF’s, HTML, voice over slide presentations, surveys, quizzes, downloadable attachments and more.  No design or technical skills required.