introductory entrepreneurship classes

Building Blocks

We introduce you to the topics you need to know to start and operate a business, but nobody is really talking about….things like Ideation, Business Models, Sales, Strategic Partnerships, Financial Modeling, Revenue Streams, Marketing, Customer Discovery, Pitching to Investors…and well, there’s more topics, but you get the picture.  Don’t get overwhelmed!  You don’t need to be an expert at all of this, but you certainly need to know about each of the topics to determine the resources you’ll need to efficiently build and operate your business.  You’ll receive great detail on the class subject, enabling you to speak like a ‘pro’ with the best of them in industry.  Think of these entrepreneurship classes as mini-MBA sessions with real-life examples and applications.  You will be able to use the information in your business immediately.  

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Hands-on Workshops

This is where the work happens.  You know those topics from the Introductory Classes?  Well, this is where we actually implement the information you’ve learned.  During the “Deep Dive” we’ll work in small groups of 7 to 10 people and, step-by-step, do the work for your business, setting up the systems and processes you need to startup, sustain, and/or grow your business.  Many small businesses like these sessions because they are able to set up technologies to automate aspects of their business in just a few hours.  And startups who are beyond the idea stage, can greatly benefit from these workshops as they are able to set up their business systems and processes during the session.  It’s saves you time and gets you closer to your goals faster. 

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Convenient Classes

Are you busy working during the day and prefer to learn online on your own time?  This is our solution for the entrepreneurs who may be too busy to attend a live class or workshop.  It’s okay, we understand life’s competing commitments and it’s the reason why we’ve created this option just for you.  You can pace yourself learning and implementing strategies for your business when you have the time.  Most entrepreneurs who are still transitioning (i.e. working full-time) seem to prefer this option, although it’s good for anyone who prefers to learn online, around their own schedule. 

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