It’s no secret that the amount of content you create and put into the world (marketplace) displaying your expertise and how your business can serve the target customer is directly related to the amount of revenue you will generate.  So, if you’ve already experienced asking someone, “How do I generate more business?” and received the response, “Content is king.  Put out more content.”, then you’ll be very interested in this blog post.

But I hate writing blogs

Blogging is probably the most common type of content that people think of.  However, content is anything you create that communicates information to people interested in the topic, wherever you’ve decided to publish it (i.e. the internet, billboards, magazines, etc.).  It can be a blog post, a Facebook post, a tweet, an audio clip, a YouTube video, a livestream on Periscope, and so on.  You see, content comes in many forms so if you don’t like blogging there are many other options for you to get your message out there.

Listen while you work

With people being so busy these days, most of us have resorted to multi-tasking or doing multiple tasks at once.  People may be using their hands to complete a manual task like typing on a computer, while also speaking on the phone–that’s multi-tasking.  If you think about it, unless a task requires absolute silence and concentration to complete, most people will listen to something while they are doing it.  Working, walking, driving, running, and just about anything else that doesn’t require intently listening will typically be combined with something audible.  With this in mind, we suggest creating audio content as much as possible and distributing it through various channels to assure that interested parties (potential customers and partners) can easily find it and listen to it.

You may have noticed the popularity of podcasts.  Podcasts are great because people can listen while they drive or complete other tasks.  The popularity of audiobooks is another great example of this trend.  While you don’t have to start out trying to create a regularly scheduled podcast or write a book, you can create short audio snippets of content on platforms like Soundcloud. Instead of typing up a blog post, you just press record on your phone or computer, say what you want to say, and upload it.  It’s much quicker than writing, proofreading, and editing a blog post.  Quite frankly, for most people, listening is the preferred method of learning information as well as being entertained.  Here’s an example of one we’ve done for TPM Focus.

While we don’t hate writing blogs, we realize that people consume information differently.  Varying the format of your content keeps things interesting.  It all feels different even if it is predominantly the same theme of information.

What are your thoughts?  How much audio content have you created?  Have you ever listened to content on Soundcloud? 

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