Innovative marketing strategies are essential in today’s busy world.  You must grab the attention of your customers FAST!  And once you have it, you must keep it.  No business can survive and sustain for the long-term without marketing–innovative marketing.

Answer These 3 Questions

Do you have a great business?

Do you want more people to know about it?

Do you want more people to buy from you?

If you answered “Yes” to all three of those questions, let’s talk.  You see, marketing is critical to letting people know you exist and engaging with them regularly so that they’ll never forget it.  This is something you just can’t be shy about.  You have to let people know how great you are and how great they would be for choosing to do business with you.  And this is not accomplished with just any marketing, but innovative marketing techniques, from beginning to end.

You can’t be like everyone else.  You have your own brand that you want people to remember.  And guess what?  People want to know that you remember them too!  And with the technology we have access to today, there are ways to do this for your business and personalize your customer engagement.  There is no one size fits all as every business is just as unique as each business owner.

How We Help You Market Your Business

As a multidisciplinary team of professionals, we have expertise in a variety of industries and can introduce innovative marketing strategies that give you a competitive edge in yours.  Our approach is well-organized, researched, and data-driven.

Our 4-Step Process:

1.)  Meet with you.  Obtain specific details about who your ideal customers are, your current business challenges and opportunities, and goals for your business.

2.)  Review your existing branding and marketing assets.

3.)  Create a strategy.

4.)  Design a marketing plan utilizing innovative marketing techniques.

innovating marketing

We call our marketing plan your GEM Roadmap (Growth, Engagement, and Monetization Roadmap).  This roadmap provides the specific details of your journey.  Think of it as a Google Map for your marketing journey–from your starting point to your desired destination.  We utilize technology to create, track, and report all aspects of the journey.  We use digital marketing techniques that are data-driven, to assure your marketing dollars are not wasted and meet the goals as designed for your business.

Are you ready to receive your GEM Roadmap?  Contact us today!

Don’t waste another day waiting for people to find out how great you are. It’s time to tell them.


I wanted to say thank you.  Your insights and suggestions were extremely helpful – I am excited to take what you said to my team in order to help get the ball rolling on web-based, inbound marketing.

Marguerite Mitchell

Corporate Client and Marketing Services Coordinator , OpusWorks