TPM Focus Marketing first mentioned IGTV in this post earlier in 2018.  IGTV has continued to grow in popularity, just as expected, and with the rise in microbrand and influencer media, it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.  Small businesses are not waiting on larger platforms to give them a chance to showcase their brands, products, or services— they’re doing it themselves and platforms like Instagram have given small business owners an expected advantage.

Here are 5 Trends you’ll be able to take advantage of on Instagram in 2019:

  1. One-click buy button on posts
  2. More IGTV features and videos
  3. Ads in Instagram Stories (there are already a few now, but will be more coming!)
  4. Smaller brands will dominate as they produce consistent, engaging, exciting content—everyone has to “up” their game
  5. More engagement features on Instagram (there is already video messaging (similar to Facetime) in addition to standard communication tools, but there will be more)—you’ll likely be spending more time on Instagram than other platforms

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