Listings in the Yellow Pages

Does your business currently pay to be listed or advertise in the Yellow Pages?  Do you know any other business owners that do?  It’s actually common in industries that are unrelated and seemingly unaffected by technology, as in law, construction, and auto repair.  If you look inside of a Yellow Pages today, you’ll see pages and pages of listings from those industries.  We want to change that.  There are much more effective ways to allocate your marketing spend.  The goal of this post is to inform business owners that EVERY BUSINESS is now affected by the rapid changes in technology and the worldwide use of the internet for finding services or products to purchase.

Here’s the look we have when we find out that a business, in 2018, is still investing in listings and ads with the Yellow Pages:

O-M-G!!! Say it isn’t so!

And the Winner Is…Digital Marketing

YP, as it has been more recently branded as, is slowly going down the tubes.  They have tried so many things to revive the business and well…that business model no longer works.  Digital marketing has taken its place (a long time ago) and no one is looking back.

In fact, data shows that your business will cease to exist in upcoming years without adopting digital marketing.  Digital marketing includes everything from having a website, SEO (search engine optimization), Social Media, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, and even Mobile Marketing—-it’s an overall term for all of your online marketing efforts.

The Yellow Pages was good while it lasted, but the truth is that your money is better spent on other mediums where your customers and potential customers are hanging out.  Social Media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and SnapChat, to name a few, are the biggest hangout spots for the entire human population! In the United States alone, most people (not just adults) spend at least 30 minutes a day on Social Media.

Being Relevant in Business Today

As you may know from our previous post, we are fans of Gary Vee.  Here’s a video where he speaks about the business requirement to constantly produce content for each of the Social Media platforms to even be relevant in today’s marketplace.  His statements, although true and backed by data, surely delivers a swift punch to those businesses that are inactive on Social Media or do not believe they need it.  The data shows that it’s in the best interest of almost every business to be engaged on Social Media daily.

Where Do You Search for Businesses?

On the other hand, when is the last time you or anyone you know picked up a Yellow Pages and went through it to find a business?  How about this:  How many times have you went to the YP website to search for a business?  More than likely, never.  You see, most people just type in what they’re looking for into the Google search engine.  The second most popular way people search for businesses, products, or services is on Social Media.  That’s right, Social Media!  Every company should have at least a Facebook Page.  There is no reason to NOT have one unless well, you’re still sticking with the Yellow Pages and refuse to step into the current trends of today.

The great part about everything becoming digital now is that you can tell where customers found you and what marketing material made them act and visit your website, read your blog post, or buy from you.  It’s an incredible advantage that every business owner should utilize if not for any other reason than to track the ROI (return on investment) of your marketing spend.  Otherwise, how would you know if your marketing efforts are providing a return or are worth the efforts invested?  Digital marketing tools reveal all the data you need to determine your strategy and lets you know which of your marketing efforts are working and profitable for your business and which are a waste of resources.

What’s in the Future for Digital Marketing?

We predict that searching online will transition to voice.  Right now, most searches are completed by typing online, however, uttering the phrase “Ok Google” or “Hey Siri” is becoming just as common.  Having the ability to type anything into a search engine like Google to find information about ANYTHING within moments has been an incredible experience, particularly in comparison to the alternative—going to the library or searching encyclopedias.  Now, speaking to your smartphone or computer screen without typing is becoming the standard, preferable way to search.  It’s clearly the less labor intensive option for most people and as we rely on technology to simplify our lives (really?) and minimize physical activity, voice recognition software will lead the way.  Machine learning technology provides the basis for this technology and there are new applications introduced daily.  At some point, audio recordings will be able to receive SEO benefits just as written blogs posts and website text does today.

In summary, paying for listings in the Yellow Pages or giving any attention to that medium online or in paper format, is a waste of time.  Instead, focus your efforts on digital marketing forms to include, but not limited to, Social Media marketing.  And finally, get ready for voice to lead the next wave of technology applications in digital marketing.  Are you ready for that?  TPM Focus Marketing can help.

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