If you haven’t heard of Gary Vee (born Gary Vaynerchuck), you must not be on social media platforms much.  This guy is a straight shooter and catch this….none of his videos or content is him trying to sell you anything!  No courses.  No books.  No conferences.  None of that.  We give props where props are due and Gary Vee has certainly earned our respect.

So you may be thinking, how does he make money then?  Well, we can tell you that he’s a successful businessman, no doubt.  He started out with a wine business that blew up from his use of social media strategies when no one else was doing it, especially to sell wine.  He now owns a digital agency where he helps companies (many of which are Fortune 500), with their marketing.  He’s a marketing and content creation genius in our eyes.  This guy is everywhere!

He is an example of real digital marketing success.  He’s using all of the tools available to him and have created businesses and tremendous wealth for himself while providing value to everyone else, even if they never intend to buy from any of his companies.  He’s mastered the top of any sales funnel, and that’s by starting with awareness.  He’s so well known that he can create another business and already have an audience who believes and are ready to buy.

He understands that whether we can buy his products or services or not, we still know who he is.  With that awareness, we would refer him to others who can afford his products or services even if we can’t.  You see, the key is that if you know who Gary is, what he does/sells, and if you were ever in the position to need his products or services, his name and business would be at the top of mind and he would get your business.  You see, he’s already earned it.  He’s earned it from the value he’s provided time and time again through his digital marketing strategies.

And that! my friends is how POWERFUL digital marketing can be!

We did a previous post about digital marketing and how it’s a necessity to do business today, but Gary Vee is an example of how it’s done by an everyday entrepreneur.  That’s why we love Gary Vee.

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