Payment Options

At TPM Focus, we pride ourselves on providing valuable expertise to our clients.  The TPM Focus team has a unique combination of domain expertise, experience from real-world execution, and consulting capabilities to address your business challenges.  We’re unique in that each member of our team has entrepreneurial experience and deeply understands the needs of our clients.

Moreover, we offer a fresh approach to consulting.  While many firms charge an hourly rate, we don’t.  Instead, we listen to the needs of each client and create a customized plan and package specific to the service we’ll provide.  Every package includes a list of deliverables and outcomes you can expect from our team to ensure all efforts align with your business goals.  Our quoted prices are competitive and we offer payment options with the cash flow considerations of our clients in mind.

Some of the most common questions we receive are answered below:

Question:  Do you require payment in advance of service?

Answer:  Yes, with the guaranteed assurance of customer satisfaction and the delivery of results.

Question:  What forms of payment do you accept?

Answer:  We accept credit cards and ACH credit transfers (from U.S. bank accounts only).

Question:  Can I pay using PayPal?

Answer:  Yes.  Since the majority of our customers are startups and small businesses that accept this form of payment from their customers, we do as well to make the process easier.

Do you have more questions?  Shoot us a message below.