Do you know why real estate companies need Social Media in 2018?

Well, let’s start here:  If you’re lucky enough to maintain a consistent flow of sellers who entrust your real estate brokerage to list their home, that’s incredible in 2018.  You are certainly doing phenomenal work with excellence.  However, with the immersion of tech startups, at record rates, aiming to dismantle the standard way of buying and selling homes, the future is certainly unknown for the industry of real estate professionals.  While there will certainly be a need for licensed Realtors, the role they play will change.

Millenials represent the largest population of current and future homebuyers.  They are on social media.  Social media is a way of life for engaging with friends, family, businesses and learning about new things.  So, if you’re a real estate company in 2018, what’s the best way to get their attention?  What’s the best way to find interest in the property you’re selling?  What’s the best way to let them know you’re available to assist them in buying, selling, leasing, investing, etc.?  Social Media.

While there will certainly be a need for licensed Realtors, the role they play will change. Click To Tweet

Here are the Top 3 Ways Real Estate Firms Should Be Using Social Media Right Now

1.)  To promote listings.  Between photos, videos, snaps, livestreams, gifs, posts…you name it!  Every single listing you have can be virtually advertised for free (or for minimal cost) on social media.  Why not use that to your advantage?

2.)  To provide your real estate expertise.  Do you that the quickest way to attain customers is to show them that you really know what you’re doing?  We all know there are a lot of real estate agents in the US, so what makes you special?  When you’re known as a subject matter expert in real estate, it’s extremely valuable to a serious buyer or seller.  They’ll want to work with someone that’s knowledgeable that can guide them through the process and successfully to the closing table. Who’s best to do that for them?  You.  How will they know that?  Through your content on Social Media.

3.)  To connect with prospects.  What better way to meet people than where they spend most of their spare time?—Online.  Social Media enables you to personally connect with, engage with, and build relationships with people you would’ve never had the opportunity to do so within your daily life.  It’s incredible to have access to almost every single person on the planet which is made available to us through use of technology—a cell phone and one social media network, like Facebook.  The world is literally at your fingertips.  What’s holding you back from growing your business and attracting a steady stream of customers?

Top 3 Ways Real Estate Firms Should Be Using Social Media Right Now Click To Tweet

Does that pesky time factor haunt you?  Would you say you don’t have time for engaging on Social Media?  Of course not.  It’s not a secret that it’s a full-time job to engage consistently and strategically on Social Media.  And you’re busy servicing clients, showing homes, attending listing appointments, preparing for listing appointments, delivering yard signs, answering emails, networking and managing all the other operational requirements of running your business.

So here’s our question:  Why not hire someone else to do it for you?  While there are many services out there, TPM Focus Marketing is the best in Social Media Management for small business owners, particularly real estate firms,  because our team has experience in the industries we serve.   Yes, we know your industry language and what gets your audiences to pay attention to you.  Authentically and consistently engaging on social media and sharing great content will assure your business remains relevant and attracts a constant flow of customers and we do just that!

Here’s how we help Real Estate companies use Social Media to grow their business:

We help you BE SEEN –  Just because you have a social media account doesn’t mean that people know you exist.  We make sure you are actually seen by creating engaging posts, conversing with your audience, and being there live, in the right place, at the right time.

We help you BE AUTHENTIC – There’s nothing effective about automated posts that sound nothing like you or the culture of your business.  People want to feel like they know you—the REAL you.  We help you build customer relationships by carrying your authentic brand into all of the content created.

We help you CONNECT – Getting attention online these days is HARD WORK! It’s crowded and you’ve got to stand out.  We help you overcome this by connecting with the right partners, influencers, and complementary voices in your industry.

We help you BE CONSISTENT – If you’re busy, chances are you don’t have time to consistently post on social media.  And we know from experience that consistency is one of the most important parts of marketing success.  We’ll assure all your accounts post and engage consistently.

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