Mentorship is the secret weapon for entrepreneurs.  Any great entrepreneur, or leader of any kind, has had even greater mentors who have helped guide and shape their journey.  You need to have various degrees of support throughout your journey and great mentors are a critical component for success.

A good mentor helps you think through your business idea or current business challenge, make suggestions to help you, and many times provide a different point of view that you had not previously considered.

When we mentor, we take a personal interest in your success and empower you to develop your strengths.  We authentically invest both time and commitment to support you on your journey.

Mentorship Promises

Here are our promises to you when we serve as your mentor:

  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • Effective listening
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Sharing of knowledge, skills, and expertise
  • Positive attitude
  • Personal interest in your success
  • Goal setting
  • Guidance and constructive feedback

The most successful people all agree that greatness can’t be accomplished in solitude and the value of a great mentor is priceless.  Are you ready to connect with a great mentor to help you on your journey? Connect with us today.


Monique Mills has been a wealth of information throughout our mentoring sessions. From the initial customer discovery aspects of my mobile app idea to assisting in crafting a concise startup identification strategy.  She has been a consistent source of ideas, resources, and action items. She has been very instrumental in advising as to the inner workings of startup communities as well as providing practical tactics for research and implementation. I highly recommend Monique and TPM Focus for consultancy and mentoring services.

Talisha Shine, MBA

Digital Technology Specialist

Monique gave a new perspective of leadership – about asking important questions, communicating clearly, and helping me grow. Even after our sessions ended she was open to sharing advice when I reached out.

Arkadeep Kumar, PhD


After spending a number of years focused on finding ways to transition my existing skill set into the technology field, I was asked to step into the role of Project Manager for a growing startup. As a newbie in such a role, I reached out to my LinkedIn network in an effort to obtain a mentor and Monique answered the call. She has been able to help me understand Project Management from both a macro and micro perspective, in addition to helping me develop the strategies needed to help my team move forward. It has been with her guidance that I’ve gained the confidence to step outside my comfort zone to become a business strategist with clients of my own.

Kim Crayton