Are you falling short doing your small business marketing?  We know, it’s tough.  There are 24 hours in a day.  It seems that there are 100 social media platforms to post on and a new one announced every day.  There’s email marketing.  There’s Google Adwords.  There’s Snapchat, WhatsApp, give the dog a bone…this old man came rolling home.  Wait a minute!  We digress.  It’s all terribly confusing.  And then there’s all this other crap that everyone tells you that you need to market these days.  Does that sound about right?

So, how do YOU market your small business?

Remember tri-folds and local magazines that used to be delivered to your home?  How about those yellow and white pages? Well, those have all but disappeared!  And you know why don’t you?  It’s because everyone’s eyes are glued to their phones!

How often does a person ever read a magazine?  Well maybe in the grocery store line…and that’s only if they don’t order their groceries online and have them delivered (which increasingly more people are doing).

Most people only check their mailboxes once or twice a week these days, if that much.  With e-bills and online payments, what are you really receiving in your mailbox?  Typically it’s “junk mail.”  And this is why small business owners no longer spend money mailing tri-folds, pamphlets, coupons, or buying ads in local magazines (at least we hope you’re not).

The small business marketing dollars are much more effectively spent on digital marketing.  Why you say?  It’s simply because everyone’s eyes are glued to their phones (or some other electronic device connected to the internet).

The small business marketing dollars are much more effectively spent on digital marketing. Click To Tweet

With that in mind, you have to go where the people are.  You have to get people to notice you by being where they are so they can see you.  Many people never leave the house to shop for anything.  It’s understandable because you can buy almost anything online.  Since you can order everything from groceries to designer dresses and hair extensions to arrive at your home at any time, it’s difficult for a small business owner to compete with that.  Especially, with the speed of delivery increasing each day, it’s really hard to compete.  Back in the day, it could be weeks before you received something you’ve ordered.  Now, it could be a matter of hours or just next day!

So, what’s a small business owner to do?  Fight!  Fight for your voice in this noisy market!  Project your voice into these internet streets!  Be heard!  Be seen!  Be found! Don’t give up!

When digital marketing is done properly and consistently, your customers will hear you AND buy from you.  But the first step is that you have to be “there.”  You have to be where your customers are and that’s on the internet.  Small business marketing is a long-term strategy to be executed consistently over time.

When digital marketing is done properly and consistently, your customers will buy from you. Click To Tweet

In order to be “there”, you must have a digital marketing strategy and tools to help you create and manage it all.  Over time, you’ll get the hang of the tech tools used in modern-day marketing, and may even enjoy it.  In the meantime, we’ll help you cross over to the “other side”, the profitable side.

It actually costs you less to reach more people with digital marketing.  Worded another way, you can spend $5 and reach thousands of customers who would be interested in buying from your business on Facebook.  This is a form of social media marketing and was not possible until just a few years ago.  In fact, a book of postage stamps costs more than $5 and would reach 20 people, at most.  The tools and techniques we have access to today have enabled a cheaper, more effective way to reach and acquire customers. That’s the power of digital marketing!

In today’s world, small business marketing is on par with the marketing of major corporations—you now have access to the same tools and access to customers using the internet.

Connect with us and let’s get started talking about your goals and building a strategy around them.  You’re sure to increase your profits while minimizing your expenses—a winning combination that’s a business owner’s dream come true.

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