Make no mistake that although email is still a very useful tool for consistent communication with your prospects and customers, social media is arguably more effective.

You see, people spend more time scrolling through email and clicking on items that catch their attention than doing the same activity in email. People may go through their email once or twice a day to open their backlog of emails, but many times it’s only the emails from those whose names they recognize and were expecting to receive something from them.

Does your business fall into that category? Most don’t, but it’s not impossible to be in the right place at the right time by using social media to stay on top of mind for your prospects and customers.

The typical series of events in a buyer’s journey is that they’ll see something you’ve posted on social media so many times that it gets stored in their subconscious memory. When the time comes for them to need a product or service that you sell, they will typically go to their email to find the latest email you’ve sent to them. Undeniably, email and social media are tied together—you need both to consistently communicate with your audience of future buyers and current customers.

If you’re inconsistent with communicating on social media, it’s quite easy for your audience to forget about you even though you’re sending them emails. Quite often, those emails remain unopened, and your message is never received. However, on social media, through a simple snap of the index finger and scroll with their thumb, your business and message appear in their line of sight–in their social media feed.

If you are struggling to maintain constant communication on your social media channels, you should consider prescheduling the majority of your messages using tools like CoSchedule, Hootsuite, or Buffer (and there are many, many others too!).  The key to an effective social media strategy starts with well, having a strategy.  You’ll want to make sure your messaging and positioning statements are consistent along with your branding.  But most importantly, you’ll want your posts to provide value to your audience and not just be an advertisement for your services.  It’s an art to a certain extent, but it’s possible for every business to be exceptional at it through investing the time and resources to do it well.

What part of social media is most challenging for your business?  Contact us and we’ll see how we can help.