Recently, we did a post about utilizing Twitter for business purposes.  There has been controversy over rather or not Twitter is “dead”.  We don’t think it is and recommend using it if it makes sense for your business.  Basically, if your customers and potential customers are on Twitter, you should be on Twitter so that you can engage with them, share valuable information, and influence perceptions of you and your brand.  Despite some claims, we believe Twitter is still very relevant and this post will delve a little more into the stats about it. 

Twitter is one of few places where you can speak directly to a business, celebrity, or brand and actually get a response.  They’ll tweet you back or even send a private direct message.
Here are 2 fun facts to help you reconsider using Twitter for promoting your business or your brand:
1.) It is especially popular for the college educated, 50 and under crowd. 
2.) It is becoming most popular with users who have annual household incomes greater than $50,000.
So in a nutshell, Twitter is the place where smart people go to get access to valuable content and stay on top everything that’s going on in the world.  This might just mean some of these individuals find out about you or your business and direct message you. It certainly happens every day to thousands of people worldwide!

And There’s More!

This is not an infomercial for Twitter, but it’s hard to ignore the benefits of using it.  Every news and media outlet in the country have active accounts.  Twitter is often the first platform to receive up-to-date information concerning current events.  Everything from natural disasters to the birth of famous children is first reported on the platform, sometimes as early as 10-20 minutes before any other source.  Even now we have our current sitting President tweeting about politics on the platform!  Rather you like it or not is certainly up for discussion (we’ll steer clear of politics), but you must admit that he has been effective in informing and engaging with the public.

This is not an infomercial for Twitter, but it's hard to ignore the benefits of using it. Every news and media outlet in the country have active accounts. Twitter is often the first platform to receive up-to-date information… Click To Tweet

Tweeting is continuously occurring all around the world and it’s like watching the New York Stock Exchange information scroll across the bottom of your TV screen.  Typically, a tweet is hottest within the first 10-30 minutes of when it is posted which is why people with highly popular feeds and high engagement with customers and supporters post anywhere from 10-100 times a day.

How do they do that, you say? Aren’t they busy? Who has time to be glued to their phone or computer for tweeting?  Well, we’re hoping you’re familiar with the prescheduled and automated posting systems that are available to you. The truth is that no one is physically sitting there tweeting all day (anymore!)–there is technology that can do it for you.

Using this link you can access one of our favorites—Buffer.

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